Support the Girls

Support the Girls follows the general manager and several of her servers at an independent Hooters-style establishment in Texas over about a day and a half, during which it feels like approximately everything in the world manages to happen in one chunk of real estate along the interstate. So in other words: working as a woman in the service industry. It is funny and smart and deeply lovable, with one of the best, most cathartic endings of a movie released last year, leaving me probably looking a little manic, damp mascara smudged above a tired cheek-cracking grin. This movie is fantastic, and you can stream it on Hulu right now.

I love that Support the Girls is on Hulu. It’s accessible. It isn’t flashy or avant garde—just that straight-forward sort of small film that somehow seem best suited to renew your faith in the medium when they’re done this well. It’s kind of a little masterclass in scripting and directing an indie comedy without self-conscious embellishment, just good old fashioned sound movie-craft. An honest vision, shining performances, stable story structure and a 94-minute runtime—you can achieve wonders with that. Without ever feeling complicated, this is simultaneously a romping workplace comedy, a perceptive and heartfelt character study, and a completely unpretentious commentary on sexism and capitalism and racism and really, pick your -ism, because they’re all the lived reality of these girls.

I’m so about the new breed of feminist movie, where they’re simply about women living their absurd, shitty lives. There’s no message here about how these women can have it all, that they’re superheroes!, because they aren’t. They’re just trying to get through the fucking day. And the care and love they show each other isn’t some fluffy message about empowerment, it’s just what women do. It’s as honest as when they let each other down, which we do too. Some members of The Sisterhood are stupid bitches, and some will dazzle you with their fierceness, their kindness, or how they’re just….total weirdos. Most are gonna kinda be all of that, depending on how long a week it’s been.

Support the girls.

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